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Global Automotive Components and Suppliers Expo to Launch a NEW Virtual Technology Supply Chain Directory

Broken and disrupted supply chains in automotive manufacturing? Find new backup partners globally with a new, ultra-fast international search platform to help car manufacturers and Tier 1 component manufacturers identify alternatives to keep their manufacturing programs running 24/7 and develop resistance to local and global issues. Produced in association with Global Automotive Components Expo – a one-stop source of global connections.

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The Global Industry Virtual Directory will be an interactive, searchable directory of suppliers providing technology, supply solutions and manufacturing services for the industry.

The Global Industry Virtual Directory Listings – Each supplier/partner/manufacturer will have an interactive home page hosting their own branded company information, video streaming content, downloadable brochures, white papers and documents, website and social media links, full contact information and live chat and discussion. This is a fully searchable directory based on industry suppliers, manufacturers and services.

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